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Nazca Combos July 5th, 2012

Since I’ve figured out what was going on with the “Nazca” morph I figured I’d show everyone some of the Combos we’ve made with this mutation already.  To see additional pictures simply click on the respective picture.

The Nazca Story July 5th, 2012

Everyone that thought there was another gene at play were right…

Looks like my 3 WC Granites I got in 2003 are the same/similar genes has the Super Paint, Super Sentinel, Neo, Speckled, or whatever other names this Morph has…There’s quite a few other lines with different names floating around too…A far as I know none of these have been bred together to prove compatibility.

The original Paint producer told Ben Siegel he didn’t think they had the same gene and they wouldn’t be compatible so he didn’t go with Paint name…I would be surprised if all these are not compatible, but they do all vary quite a bit…So in order not to step on anyone’s toes and the off chance some lines aren’t compatible I’m calling my line Nazca for the “Hets” and Super Nazca for the Homo.

I had line bred these once and got nothing…Plugged in my unrelated Enchi and bam…He has the same gene…Who would have ever thought! I’m working on proving the other 2 Original “Granites” to be Nazca.

Enchi Nazca x Nazca

Super Nazca

Enchi Super Nazca

Updated Website July 3rd, 2012

Today we launched our overhauled website!  The biggest changes you will notice is how the Collection & Available pages look and navigate.

On the Collection page you will find a new option field called “Filter by Morph”.  This allows you to look for a specific combo based on a particular Base Morph.  So if you select “Hypo” all of the Hypo combos and the Hypo morph itself will be displayed.  To show all of the Morphs again just select the “All” option.

On the Available page you’ll now have some filter options on the left hand side.  Use these to find exactly what you’re looking for!  If you don’t see what you’re looking for be sure to contact me to see if we have it available!

Photo July 2nd, 2012

Super Nazca!